Power Rangers Making a Comeback!


We here at NerdBastards are please to bring you the news that The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers are returning to a small screen near you! For those of you not familiar the MMPR refers solely to the PR in the first 3 seasons, after that it all went to shit. For the who, what, when and where  stick around after the jump…

To say I was obsessed with this show in my youth is to put it mildly. On one hand I wanted SO badly to be a Power Ranger and on the other I was pissed that my costume choices were limited to yellow or god forbid pink. I would rush home from school to make sure I was in front of the t.v with a lunchable in hand by 3:30. My brother and I would watch it and imitate the bad ass “kung-fu” during the commercial break . Forgive me for the tangent. I’m excited.

Haim Saban recently purchased the rights for MMPR back from Disney(Saban was in control of the show for the first three seasons). When asked how he felt about the way Disney ran the franchise he is quoted saying “{Disney} did not develop the property and exploit it in the way that it deserves.” We feel the same!  Originally 20 brand new episodes were scheduled to air January 2010. The date has been pushed back to early 2011. Can’t wait ’til then? No worries! Your favorite episodes will be airing NickToons starting this fall. Until then enjoy this little piece of overly dramatic heaven.

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