Now you can have your cake and eat her too! Finally something super classy for us Star Wars dreamers instead of just Leia and the gold bikini.


Now when you role play with your girl, you can have a romp in the sack in Padme’s full gown she wore in Attack of the Clones! Museum Replicas has this PRICEY yet elegant addition to our Star Wars universe/cosplay. Now you can peel off Padme’s laundry while she’s shouting, “Anakin!? You Killed Youngling’s??” And you say, “I hate sand. It’s course…And rough…And gets everywhere.” As you drop your Jedi Robes, and use Force Push!!

Made with the finest materials and designed with a master’s eye to recreate the movie’s every stitch.

Nothing was spared in the months needed to source material, perfect cut-patterns, painstakingly custom dye and reproduce the intricate detail on what on the surface is a simple outfit compared to some of her other dresses.  Every layer worn on screen inside and out is replicated and includes the silk inner skirt, silk outer skirt, hand made leather pumps with the custom Coruscant curve in the 2″ heel, the silk & cotton blouse with hand made, real metal armbands and stones inset and finally the genuine velvet vest with intricate, custom beadwork and embroidery.  It takes a full day just to make the design on the front for a single vest.  The care taken mimics the care that would have taken place on Naboo when made originally.

See? They really put in the hours on this hot piece of trim (pun intended), and for 695.00, they fucken better have!!! Check out more pics at museumreplicas.com.

Now you don’t have to piece wardrobes and outfits bit by bit, you can call and give everything down to your shoe size for Padme’s outfit, Anakin’s Jedi Ensemble or you can go SUPER obscure and get a Imperial Death Star Officer. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful thing. Expensive, but beautiful. Anakin’s with the boots goes for a whopping 1600.00 bux, yikes, but I’d do it if I had burnable cash!!


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