True Blood Season 3 Trailer


Lately the news and the buzz on the vamp wire is the season 3 of True Blood’s commencement. Yes, we are all excited and all want to let go of the edge of the cliff we’ve been hanging on to. Who took Bill? Are Erik and Sookie gonna hook up? Well this trailer adds the checks and balances for what we’ve been waiting for and we need to take a step back and see all the things we wondered on being revealed in the trailer.

What?! Yes. They actually showed almost everything in the trailer, so watch with caution. There is a lot of cool and funny tension, arguments, and dangerously sexy moments with Erik and Sookie that it appears they may dominate the first bunch of episodes with Bill.

That plus Jason Stackhouse, with some of his hilariously blonde guy liners. He plays his comically stupid Jason with such great ability  you can see how not everyone needs to be a vampire to steal the show.

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