Wizard of Oz 2: Dorothy’s Surrender


Straight from the “Goddamnit just stop!” file. Drew Barrymore, following her directorial debut Whip It, has resurrected a script first penned in ’02 although it’s been in the works since ’99 Wizard of Oz: Dorothy’s Surrender. This isnt her first attachement to this project, in ’02 she was set to play the role of the title character . Then it was in the hands of Zach Helm (Stranger Than Fiction).  There’s been no word if Barrymore will still take the role as Dorothy. A 2002 source says :

In ”Surrender Dorothy,” Barrymore would play an updated version of the heroine of the L. Frank Baum novels and the 1939 movie. Kosberg described the premise a couple years ago to writers’-clearinghouse website AbsoluteWrite.com. While Dorothy appeared to have dispatched the Wicked Witch by melting her with a bucket of water, Kosberg said, ”What if the Witch didn’t die? What if it was all an act? And now it’s the year 2000 and the Wicked Witch is still alive and well and mean and green and she’s broken out of Oz Jail and she’s on her way to New York to get those damn red slippers once and for all.”

Wow, that sounds about as interesting as week old ass tied to a bag of shit. There are some movies that can take an “update” the Wizard of Oz is not one of them it’s a classic!. It’s like remaking  Spartacus,  Clash of the Titans, Ghostbusters. Fuck it, Never mind.


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