Pac-Man Cabinet Made of LEGOS


Warning: Further reading of this article may cause arousal. Super awesome Nerd and Lego enthusiast Ben Fleskes has constructed a fully functional Pac-Man cabinet made from LEGOS. Take a moment to absorb that. Not only does he have a working Pac-Man cabinet IT’S MADE FROM FUCKING LEGOS. It’s strange to know that nothing you do in life will ever be this awesome. You could cure cancer and this guy would still be better. For all the info on the insides and a video of it in play, take a sharp turn at the jump and head straight towards  OMFG HOW COOL!The electronic components and controls are standard, but this bitch is made from standard LEGOS which means we could have done this, but we didn’t because we just aren’t that good.  Housed within this 34 inch tall beauty is a Jamma 48-1 board, this allows Ben and homies to play 48 different old-school arcade titles, with the help of a switchable 4-way/8-way joystick.

pacmangame_2072x3056insideback_2448x3264 (BONER!)controls_3264x2448

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