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We feel it is our duty at the ol’ NerdBastards to present you with all the awesomeness that occurs withing our Nerd realm. We give you now; The Amory Wars it’s the brain child of Coheed and Cambria front man Claudio Sanchez. Each album the band releases corresponds to a series of comics. So not only do you get the comic it’s got it’s own fucking soundtrack. That’s not to say that the comic makes no sense without the music. This little guy holds it’s own against the big boys- no problem. (Suck it, Superman)

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It’s extremely difficult to try and describe the things that take place inside this world that Sanchez has so skillfully created. On the surface it’s the story of a man and the lengths he would go to save his family and his world. Beneath the surface the shit hits the fan. The Story centers around the Killgannon ( Zelda reference? I like to think so) family, Coheed and Cambria husband and wife, mother and father to Claudio, Josephine, Mathew and Maria. As well as  Coheed’s brother Jesse. Those in charge of Heaven’s Fence (the mythological universe in which they reside) have convinced Coheed that everything he knows about his life is not true, the memories he has are implanted and that he and his wife in fact are I-Robots. At some point he was implanted with a virus known as Monstar and he has unknowingly passed it to his children in a much more violent form called the Sinstar which will reek havoc on Heaven’s Fence and there is no cure. Coheed is left with two options kill your children or we will do it for you.

I won’t spoil it for you how the children are killed, because it’s breath taking in it’s brutality and sorrow, but Claudio is the only one to survive. Coheed and Cambria soon find out there was never a Sinstar virus at all. So why were the children killed? Prophecy has said that one of the Killgannon children would become the entity known as  The Crowing and bring those in power down along with Heaven’s Fence itself. With out giving too much away the story then takes wild twists and  turns. A mother and father in a quest for vengeance and salvation. A Sons journey to find his ultimate destiny, who is he? More importantly what is he?

At one point the comics take a strange diversion letting us know that The Amory Wars is really a world within a world with the release of Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV:From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness where we meet the unnamed “Writing Writer” the God of the Amory Wars Universe. Is he omnipotent? Is he an old white guy in the clouds? No, he’s a broken 20-something  man that’s losing his mind after he find he’s girlfriend cheating on him. The Amory wars is his escape, it used to be the thing that kept him sane, now it’s just his hell. The art work takes a 180, but only in this graphic novel (illustrations by Christoper Shy). Where Amory is very traditional (albeit gorgeous) 2d style Good Apollo is gritty almost, photographic art. It gives the reader the feeling of looking directly into the Writing Writers world through his eyes as he slowly loses his grip on reality. We’re introduced to several characters in this part of the story. One of my favorites being Ten Speed, who just happens to be a demon possessed ten speed bike that is the Writers subconscious. Ten Speed informs the Writer he must dramatically change the story to insure peace in his own life. This Graphic Novel plays between the two worlds until the ultimate collision with a meeting between “God” and The Crowing.

The most recent release by the same name as the album is called The Year of the Black Rainbow co-written by Peter David (maybe you’ve heard of him..If not I might come to your house and punch you in the face). This story accounts the origins of Coheed , Cambria, and Jesse. It explains a good portion of the question fans have had for years.

The Story has been released out of Chronological order (as well as the albums). With; The Amory Wars :  Volume 1 Issues 1-5, Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV:Volume 1  From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, The Amory Wars: Volume 2 Issues  1-5, The Year of The Black Rainbow , and soon to be released The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 .  I would suggest reading them in the order they were released. It’s a lot like the Star Wars series in the fact that you know what’s coming, but it’s wonderful to watch it all unfold. To draw your own conclusions, only to have then stabbed through the heart and set on fire. Just when you think you understand the story, Sanchez releases something else from his brilliantly demented mind and throws a wrench in your spokes.

While I would love to spend the next 20 hours explaining this story that’s full of beauty, sorrow, hope,destruction and insanity.. I simply can’t. Even if I were to quote you the entire story it wouldn’t be the same. You can’t fully understand it unless you’ve read it. I can’t tell you too much with out giving it all away. So we strongly suggest you add The Amory Wars to your summer reading list and get carried away to a place you’ll come to find you know better than you thought. Did I mention the conception of our very own solar system is in there somewhere? The very igniting of our sun. The Newest issue is set to release May 26th, Also co-Written by Peter David If your local comic book story doesn’t carry The Amory Wars, you can get all of the back issues here. Pick up a copy of the comic that asks “Would you kill your children to save civilization?”

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