The 3 Wolf Moon Shirt Has Met It’s Match


Last year we were introduced to probably the most epic thing you’ll ever witness in your lifetime. I of course, speak of the 3 Wolf Moon shirt. Why am I bring up this shirt so many months after it’s prime? I’M NOT! I’m telling you what you’ve all been waiting for, the 3 wolf shirt has met it’s match. May I present you the 3 Ewok Death Star Shirt. That’s right! Wolves-GONE! Ewoks-IN! Moon??!?!Fuck that shit! Death Star(…BETTER MOON)-IN! I want you all to know I’ve gotten a massive nerdboner just typing that. You may be- asking yourself “What are the benefits of the 3 Ewok shirt?” Let me Tell you!  +10 resistance to energy attacks, +8 Strength, and an added 30ft to your normal leep!  Imagine the pussy you’ll be getting with the 3 Ewok Death Star shirt. Oh, you’re welcome. I ask only one thing in return, please name your first illegitimate meth addicted child after me.  It’s the least you can do.

Order the finery here.

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