Did You Know You Were The Villain In Pokemon?


Some un-named nerdy author has used his imagination on a scenario in the Pokemon Red/Blue game and holy cripes… what a horribly sad perspective on the story. See image below…

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.44.01 PM

Sure, climbing to the top – to be the very best – you got to step on a few people… but damn, this is a f’n tragedy.

This is, of course, just an interesting piece of fiction… but it all makes sense! I imagine for you evil bastards out there this adds a much more diabolic and interesting replay value. Who doesn’t get a little joy in being a soulless villain? Come to think of it, the next Pokemon game should be from an antagonist perspective. After all, crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentation of their women is whats best in life. (OK, that was an unrelatable Conan reference). It would sell millions!

source: unrealitymag

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