You Are What You Eat: Zombie Jerky


They say you are what you eat, so if you see someone chomping down on some Zombie Jerky then you’d best stay far far away. Unless of course you have a chainsaw or shotgun at hand.

So, Zombie Jerky. What is it? If you thought wacky japanese snack. You’d be right.

“Zombie Meat,” an exquisite new Japanese snack for the horror enthusiast, consists of bite-sized chunks of tender blue flesh that, according to the package, has been aged to deadly perfection at the graveyard.

The ghastly meat snack, which tastes remarkably like peppered beef jerky, can be found at select shops in Japan for 399 yen (about $4.50) per pack.

It’s Blue?? Why is it blue? Aren’t zombie’s a ghoulish green? Also, what kind of bite size flesh are they referring? Peppered jerky? Sounds like peppered Smurf butt to me. Or a more realistic thought is rotted dog meat. Ya know how those Asians love their dog meat.

source: geekologie

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