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Oceanic Flight 815 from Syndey to L.A. crashed on a remote South Pacific island leaving 48 passengers alive. The survivors cope with the challenges of being stranded on an unknown island filled with alluring mysteries.

Lost focuses on a range of characters forced to work together to survive until they are rescued. Jack the doctor, Kate the criminal, Sawyer the con man and Locke the adventurist, bond together to keep the passengers safe and hopeful.

The island of Lost carries a special meaning to each passenger. Each character battled something from their past while facing a current problem on the island. Through the lessons learned and mistakes each person made, their lives don’t become about survival but more on the meaning of their lives up until that point.

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Jack took on the leadership role. Before the crash he was plagued by his father’s death and throughout his journey, he was constantly haunted by him.

Kate, was a fugitive looking to get off the island so she can continue to run. Throughout the show she is split between Jack and Sawyer. Kate’s heart was always with Jack till the very end.

Sawyer was seeking the man that killed his parents but took on the very same con man role that lead to their deaths. Sawyer needed peace in his heart but had to face the person he was inside.

Locke was a broken man before he boarded the plane. He wanted to surpass the limitation of a paralyzed man but the world held him back. He was able to live life the way he wanted on the island, and was free to become the man outside of his wheelchair he always dreamt of.

The other main characters all had their own demons and dark secrets.

Through a path of questions and strange occurrences, the island offered them the clarity they all needed in their lives. It wasn’t until the end of the show that the characters got what they needed and fans of the show got closure.

The ending did stir up a lot of anger and disappointment amongst a lot of fans. It does require a second view and an open mind for any pissed off people. One cannot expect a show to end with a big shiny bowed wrapped around it. The ending was what we all knew but didn’t want to come to terms with. Fans may feel jipped but the ending completed, the series beautifully and meaningfully

The downside to Lost may be that it tried too hard to confuse people. All the twists and turns did eventually lead to something greater in the end but the course of six years left viewers too “lost” to carry on with the show. It’s an investment from the beginning to the end. If a viewer misses an episode, they are basically screwed. Stringing along viewers can only work for the hardcore “need to know” types but when people wants answers that aren’t delivered, they bail out.

The best moments of Lost are those where the viewers get a taste of something big coming or a character revelation. It’s those “WTF? moments that feed the viewers enough to want to come back. It’s not questions that linger around to be answered but it’s knowing that Locke used to be in a wheelchair, Jack having a half-sister because his dad was whoring around. Its the connections the characters unknowingly have together than keep people wanting more and tuning in every week. Downloading missed episodes and texting friends during and after the show has aired.

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