human_centipedeNow you can bring the fun of everyone’s favorite ass-to-mouth cinema horror extravaganza to your computer screen. I-Mockery has updated the perineum perennial arcade favorite, Centipede. Updated how, you ask? It’s Human Centipede: The Game! Quoth the instructions:

You are Dr. Heiter, a brilliant German surgeon who has gone mad and surgically attached people ass-to-mouth to create the Human Centipede. Unfortunately, your patients are not pleased with being human centipedes and have begun to rebel against you.

Now you must take your trusty rifle and put down these human centipedes like the bad dogs they are. Don’t forget to watch out for the police and collect glasses of water with roofies to slow down the centipedes!

I have yet to see the movie, so I hope the game isn’t filled with spoilers. If this catches on, maybe we can all look forward to The Human Centipede Holiday Special.

Oh, in a perfect world…

(via Kotaku)

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