LOST Unanswered Questions…and Farts.


As I’ve said before I jumped off the LOST boat in the first season. I am glad I did. A shitton of videos have surfaced  in reference to the finale (as well as anger, depression and mass suicide) So first we present you with a video from our friends at College Humor The Unanswered Questions of LOST.

Anyone else have a headache? I got 3:30 into that and couldn’t do anymore. Holy shit how did you people do that for 6 FUCKING YEARS?! There aren’t even any boobs in that show to keep you coming back!

Okay I can’t do that again. So as a person who didn’t watch LOST I feel I am in a perfect position to tell you what it was lacking. One word….Farts. Yep, Farts and what do you know? Ask and ye shall receive! I give you now LOST WITH FARTS!

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