Rights To Mass Effect Movie Have Been Bought


Bioware’s Mass Effect games have been talked about a lot in the video game world for its road paths that Shepard could take and the companions he can have with him. One could say the game leads some gamers to have a massive effect in their pants. Sorry for the obvious joke but we got news that Legendary Pictures (Watchmen, Dark Knight) has bought the rights to do a Mass Effect movie. What we know so far is that writer Mark Protosevich (Thor, I Am Legend) and that Avi & Ari Arad will produce. As far as story goes, no info yet but seeing how Mass Effect has different road paths, who knows what linear story the movie will do.

Hell, knowing Hollywood, maybe we’ll have a brother/sister team called the Shepards just to make both male and female Shepard fans happy. Also, I doubt we’ll get to see all the ass Shepard gets from the game portrayed into the movie screen since they will probably aim for a PG-13 rating. Anyway, what do ya’ll think? You think they will do justice to the franchise or will this die like your space fish in Mass Effect 2? Also, who would ya want cast for the film? Tell us what ya think by commenting after the jump.

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