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It’s that time again, folks!  To make frogs disappear using only the power of your mind?  Nope.  To drink a glass of water upside down?  Wrong again.  No no, it’s the question of the week!  Every week we ask a question on Nerdbastardcast, the official Podcast of  We leave it to you, our audience, to submit your answers to our question and the top 3 answers are read on the air.  The hosts of the podcast will then choose the best answer and the winner will receive a prize!  (Limited to availability.)

Last week we only had one answer to our question, so step it up!  We know you read it.

This week’s question is:

Who would win in a fight and why; Gandalf the Grey or Albus Dumbledore?

There are lots of points that can be argued for this question so lets get those juices flowing.  Is it Gandalf who is the obvious winner since, as Blake said, he made a miraculous return from the dead?  Or is it Dumbledore who always seems one step ahead of Voldemort, no matter how cunning he seems to be?

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