Last Friday/Saturday was the celebration of Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary (His Japanese debut) and Google celebrated in a most awesome way.  In what most figure would waste a lot of people’s time, well, it most certainly did. According to Rescue Time, it recorded that because of the playable Pac-Man logo, people wasted 4,819,352 hours on it. Now to translate that into money that was lost productivity wise, well, it will be $120, 484,800 (that is only assuming each person playing had a $25/hour wage).

One flaw I see in this is that more likely, probably a third or so people that played the Pac-Man game were people without a job. Also, I would like to know who is getting paid $25 an hour because I wasted time on the game and I’m just poor department manager that gets paid $8 an hour. Either way, this shows the power of the internet and that people does like to waste time on it, they just found another thing to blame stuff on for a while. Hell, once I live a full life, I may have wasted that many hours in all the nerdy stuff I would have done. That is of course, not adding all the porn I may have watch…which would probably be a scary number of hours.

Source: BBC News, Rescue Time Blog

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