1, 2, 3! Who Should I kill?! Every motherfucker, running up the hill!!

Rob Zombie is on tour, he also has an eye for being a gritty and wonderful director. On an online poll, on his official blog he asked what movie he should direct next; The choices are The Blob, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Werewolf Women of the SS and a surprising The Devil’s Rejects 2 was included.

Now if you don’t know, Werewolf Women of the SS was one of the short faux trailers during Grindhouse, including the soon to be released Machete.

Anyway, Devils Rejects 2? I would personally love to see the continuation of the insane family even though when last we saw them they were riddled with bullets. He can find a creative way to do it, like a prequel. It technically isn’t even a sequel, it would be the 3rd in the line after House of a 1000 Corpses, where he removed a few characters like Grandpa and the badass looking monster man Dr. Satan for Rejects. He turned the campy horror version of Corpses into the disturbing thriller of Rejects.

Unless he goes back to the camp horror roots, he may have to go the prequel route, which, as a huge fan, I would love to see. What movie would you want to see Zombie do? Even perhaps a Halloween 3? (Via GeekTyrant)

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