The Short List On Who Next Spiderman May Be


THR has the list, Marc Webb has been meeting with actors over the last couple months. The trades says that no screen tests have been done on any of these actors, but that doesn’t mean anything, because having lived in Hollywood, a lot of the time they’ll pick the actor without even testing him. Most time thats a bigger name actor with an already great resume.

From left to right, the actors include Jamie Bell; Andrew Garfield; Alden Ehrenreich; Frank Dillane; and Josh Hutcherson.

If this is all we got as a selection, I’d think Jamie Bell has the looks and chops. Andrew Garfield has had a few great turns in the last year or two but the final 3 guys on the list? I don’t know, they all look like the same guy to me. Like they belong on the Vampire Diaries.

So in my professional, movie geek opinion, I think that someone with great street cred, acting, and looks should play Peter Parker. Zac Efron. As we all saw in 17 Again he has the ability to ACT! I KNOW! Who woulda thought!! So first they geek him up, (put on some glasses and a sweater, toss on a camera) than after he is bitten, he takes off his shirt and shows his cut abs and swarthy pirate like  confidence, with a sprinkle of Tobey’s lame, but Peter Parker’s great witty banter and you have your new Spiderman.

Do you think this list is good enough? Or do you think there is someone better to play Peter Parker? The Movie will make over a 100 million the first 3 days anyhow, but who would you like to see?

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