Why Are We Suckers for ‘Twilight?’


Can’t get enough of Sparkles — er, I mean Edward — the vampire? Neither can 51 percent of the United States and their pleasantly homosexual BFFs. But why exactly do so many people go Lady GaGa for Twilight? We’ve got an answer.

It’s the formula, stupid. Every darn book, movie, television show and video game has one. Storytelling formulas have been around since the first amoeba learned to play charades, but the Twilightverse has taken classic formulas, put them into a blender with some poop, shaped and half-baked them, and then dished them up to our hungry teenage (and wannabe teenage) womenfolk as petit fours.

Why am I telling you this, though, when The Oatmeal and Epipheo Studios have laid it all out for you brilliantly? Last year, The Oatmeal did a fabulous comic detailing why vagina-havers looooooove Twilight, and now, Epipheo has produced a short video based on that comic. Take a peek.

Info source via slashfilm.com.

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