News Round Up: Superheroes Edition


We here at NerdBastards like to make things easy and convenient for you readers so this post will feature many superhero news in one post. That’s right, we’re doing this for you and it has nothing to do with us being lazy. Anyway, with news ranging from X-Men: First Class to Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, and even some Ninja Turtle movie news (Yes, I consider them superheroes). We got quite the few stories for you to check out after the break.

James McAvoy cast as Prof. X for X-Men: First Class


While we may remember McAvoy as Wesley Gibson from Wanted, we may start remembering from another role. 20th Century Fox just announced they have cast McAvoy as Prof. X for the upcoming X-Men: First Class film, which is directed by Matthew Vaughn (Stardust, Kick-Ass). With the film being about how Prof. X and Magneto ends up being enemies, who do you think will play opposite of  McAvoy? What do ya’ll think? You think he looks too young for a young Charles Xavier or will he do justice to the role. Tell us what ya’ll think.

Source: /Film

Get A Motorcycle Suit That Looks Like The Iron Man Mark V Armor


From the makers that brought us the Wolverine motorcycle suit, which was based on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Universal Designs is now try to cash in while Iron Man 2 is hot. While the leather suit doesn’t transform into suitcase when not being worn, this does seem like a legit, high quality suit for bikers to wear but I really don’t know if it’ll add any street cred for a biker.

Source: Technabob, Universal Designs

Hamill doesn’t Want To Voice Joker Again After Arkham Asylum 2


Last years, gamers witness history as we got a superhero video game that doesn’t suck. That game, was Batman: Arkham Asylum and folks, if ya haven’t try this yet, do yourself a favor and at least download the demo (available both on PS3 and 360). When the announcement for the second was made, people were shocked at how soon it was announced and more importantly, shocked to see a beat up Joker is also making his return for this one as well. Hell, even Mark Hamill thought the Joker was done after the first game. After talking with Rocksteady and being convinced that Joker would leave in a much higher note, Hamill decided to give the Clown Prince of Crime the last show he deserves. What do ya’ll think?  You think Hamill and Rocksteady will have the epic finale that Joker deserve or will it not live up?

Source: Comics Alliance

Tommy Lee Jones Cast In Captain America Film


Looks like the rumors may have been true, as Halley Atwell (cast as Peggy Carter) revealed in an interview that Tommy Lee Jones is indeed in Marvel’s upcoming Captain America film.  Although what role he will be is not know but many are speculating that he may be General Chester Philips. The role of Philips was that he pretty much set up the whole thing for Steve Rogers getting into the whole Super-Soldier experiment, which led to Roger becoming Captain America.

Source: /Film

Platinum Dunes Will Make The Next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie


Yes folks, the fine studio that brought us the fantastic Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street remakes, Platinum Dunes will be taking care of the new live action TMNT film. Who am I kidding, this news got me worry since recent Freddy remake was not liked by many (which by the way, read our review on the film here). If anything though, we may get a gritty and violent Turtles film that some fans have been waiting for. Then again, this could also be Platinum Dunes to be making their first children film. Who knows, it’s still too early to tell, so keep checking back on NerdBastards for news on this and other nerdy news for you to check out.

Source: FilmSchoolRejects

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