As you know we do our weekly Bastardcast here for your listening pleasure at Nerdbastards.com. At the end of every show we have a winner of our Question of the Week– and we occasionally have some cool shwag to give out to our fans who win the weekly question.

Point number 2. We recently got in touch with the amazing site Thinkgeek.com and the staff their was more than gracious enough to send us 3 boxes of toys to play with and discuss…even kiddies, some for us to give to you!

First on the agenda is the service, they have so many things I didn’t know existed that when I delved in deeper into their site I found something more than a TaunTaun sleeping bag (pictured above) Which was one of the geektastic items they sent me to play with. The Bag is no shit, the finest plush quality I’ve ever seen and it is nearly 7 feet long and can comfortabley fit you and your Princess inside to stay warm while traversing Hoth! (note: stay tuned for a full review)

They have caffeinated SOAP to wash you body with and absorb  through your skin to temporarily give you ADHD for the day, as you absorb caffeine into every pore on your body! The Hot Ladies of Star Wars playing cards! Star Wars Iphone cases! And unexplainabley amazing Self Stirring Mug with No Spoon! How does it work? Who Fucken Knows, it rules!

Call 1-888 GEEKSTUFF to order a magazine as well as Thinkgeek.com, but all I can say is that I’ve been on their site a million times and didn’t see half the cool gear they had until I saw the mag.

I would personally like to thank Shane, and the whole team at Thinkgeek.com, they are the reason why the site is successful. They are honest, generous and more importantly just as into the gear as the customers themselves. It’s cool to see a company where the workers are as big of geeks and nerds as their clientèle.

We thank you so sincerely, and I would like to implore our fans to check out this site if you’ve never heard of it, and by god, you will not be leaving empty handed.


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