The DOs & DON’Ts To LARPing


Ah, the wonderful world of LARP, how I would love to try it once but probably don’t have the physical endurance for it due to not chewing my food and pretty much swallowing it. If ya ever wonder how LARPing works or anything, it seems that Team Dynamite Lazer Beam has all the cartoon/comics that you might need to find your answer. It’s a Live Journal site filled with many entertaining posts so check it out when ya have the time. It seems that Team Dynamite Lazer Beam has created an image for LARPer’s of the DOs and DON’Ts. Check out a larger size of the image after the jump and also, if your able to, try checking out some real LARPing action in your area, ya might just get interested in to doing it.


Source: NeetoGeek, Team Dynamite Lazer Beam

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