Angry Nerd Art Inspired by Oil Spill


Well we’re all fucked. We’re gonna die Seriously. The oil spill is the biggest avoidable dumbass disaster that I’ve seen in my lifetime and I would imagine you in yours as well. I mean we’re resorting to that Kevin Costner Waterworld abortion, so fucked might be putting it lightly. We at NB came across some things that really put this into perspective for us, and by that I mean Angry Nerd Art featuring a dead Aquaman and Spongebob floating in an oily grave. Others include Captain Planet, Transformers, and everyones favorite internet meme The Singing Shark. No it won’t make a difference, but they are pretty awesome. Enjoy the photos after the jump…originalmikeluckovichcthulhuspillbpsilverelfshadowsspongebobSourcetransformer

Category: Nerd Culture, TV, WTF?