Klingon Speaking Baby

babyklingon” No wonder daddy left.”

There are very few times I question the life path of nerdydom I have chosen. This ladies and gentlemen is one of those times. I’m all for passing our nerd genes from one generation to the next. To explain why being a nerd is a noble and sometimes lonely path that must be taken by those chosen few, but jesus fuck me with a baseball bat christ. Seriously? Really? Apparently this crazy ass Klingon loving woman has just ensured her child will hate her for the rest of it’s natural life. I’m not a trekkie so I cannot verify that this child is actually speaking Klingon, but I will venture to say that the mom is suffering from post pardom depression and someone needs to get her some Prozac and a hobby STAT. Enjoy the child’s humiliation below. Feel free to let us know in the comment section if it is indeed Klingon or just baby jibba-jabba.

source: neatorama

Category: Cosplay, WTF?

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