Right on the heels of the news regarding the new ThunderCats cartoon, Icon Heroes has released the first official image (above) of their upcoming 6″ Lion-O Staction Figure. What is a Staction? Well, its a term coined by toy sculptors, The Fourhorsemen when they were advertising their line of He-Man and the Masters of The Universe mini statues back in 2007. A mini statue basically being a non moving action figure. At the time, the He-Man line was being produced by Necca. Since they couldn’t acquire the toy license from owner, Mattel they were not able to produce toys that had action features. So, they found a loop hole. They could produce figures provided they didn’t move. Stationary Action figure, Staction for short.

So, Icon Heroes is in the same boat. The master toy license for ThunderCats has been awarded to Bandai and with that being the case, Icon Heroes were only able to secure a 6″ scale statue license. They will be producing mini statues of the ThunderCats and their minions of Third Earth as well. But it does not stop there, the license will also include vehicle replicas and environmental dioramas all based on the classic, ’80s animated show

The first wave of Staction Figures scheduled for release will consist on Lion-O, Jackal Man, and Jaga.

Again this Thundercats line will based on the classic animated show. As far as we know, it will have no association with the new cartoon.

click after the jump for a full size pic of the fully painted Lion-O prototype.

source: figures.com


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