UPDATE: When this video hit the net it was assumed it was in association with the upcoming Mortal Kombat game. Not so! It’s a short film made by director Kevin Tancharoen to sell Warner Bros. on his vision of a reimagined “Mortal Kombat” movie.

In completely unexpected awesomeness, some mysterious live-action, Mortal Kombat film popped up online today. It’s an 8 minute video/ some sort of trailer that puts a realistic take on the Mortal Kombat franchise. It’s actually a huge departure from any film based adaptation we’ve seen in the past. Representational of the fighting game and it’s characters but in a modernized setting.

Though, portraying the characters in more truer to life form, this video resembles suspense and horror films like Seven and Saw.  The video is as brutal and disgusting as it is well done. Phenomenal artistic direction. Oh and it stars Michael Jai White (Spawn) as Jax and Jeri Ryan (Startrek: Vogager) as Sonja Blade.

Now, what is this video for and where did it come from? On both counts, we have no idea. Well, that’s not eniretly true. We do know that it was posted on YouTube by MortalKombatRebirth. Could it be a trailer for the supposed film reboot, proposed by Warner Bros.? Could be but we would have heard some sort of news in the movie industry regarding production. A movie like this just wouldn’t slip underneath the nerd radar now would it?

More likely this could be a live-action trailer for the next video game. Given that E3 (largest insider Video Game convention) is coming up this might just be a well timed viral video.

Either way, we approve of this wholeheartedly.

While we await further info, sit back and enjoy this fucked up version of Mortal Kombat.

source: Kotaku

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