Say Hello To The New iPhone.


Christ! You take yourself away from the internetz for a few hours to make cupcakes and watch a little Dr. Who and you come back to find the whole net gabbing about the iPhone 4.

Well, just so we can get this piece of news over with, the iPhone 4 is coming June 24th. You can pre-order it the 15th. There, ya happy? What, you wanna know more about it? Sigh, FINE! Here’s the slightly improved specs:

– Two Cameras, one back facing 5MP with LED flash, one forward facing VGA, plus “TalkTime” video chatting (but only iPhone 4- iPhone 4 via Wi-Fi)

– Double the display resolution, now 960 x 640 (from 480 x 320). Porn the way it’s meant to be seen on a smartphone.

– 720p video recording

– Powered by Apple A4 processor

– Adds 3-axis gyroscope to motion controls

– More squarer

There, does that help? Fuck, you wanna know if you should by it? Ugh, I’m missing Dr. Who for this! Well first, price is a factor. Here’s how it breaks down: $200 and $300 for 16GB and 32GB model if you’re a new customer, your AT&T contract is over or if your contract is set to end at any time in 2010. If you aren’t a new customer and your not eligible for special upgrade the phones will cost 400 and $500. (ouch!)

Listen, if you one of the millions of people that have been wanting an iPhone but for whatever reason haven’t made the upgrade, to the only all in one device you’ll ever need, then this is for you! Just do it! Hell, what are you waiting for? An app that can wipe your ass?  (Though, they may actually have that).

If you are a current iPhone user should you make the upgrade? If you’ve got money to blow then sure! Why not? Though, regardless of it’s new bells and whistles this is still just an iPhone. Do you really want to blow $200+ just so you can have video chats with your friends and watch porn in a better clarity? OK, maybe the latter was a dumb question. It’s a nice piece of hardware but it won’t do much more than the previous iPhone installments.

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