The New Zealand version of Stuff Magazine reports that Indiana Jones 5 will be involved in, and about the Bermuda Triangle, and will go “back to the franchise’s roots”. Yeah assholes? Really? So was St. Anger, Metallica’s worst album, and we all saw how that panned out. We have a stray ray of hope cutting through the gloom which was Indy 4 Crystal Skull, although it has been conjured by an unnamed, phantom source, it may help a little bit:

Indiana Jones 5 will begin shooting next year, and much of the plot line will be centred around the Bermuda Triangle.
Harrison Ford’s final outing as Indiana Jones will be “emotional and exciting” as the franchise heads back to its roots after a badly received fourth instalment.
Movie bosses have assured fans the film will stay true to the series’ roots, and won’t contain lots of state-of-the-art special effects.
“Shia LaBeouf has a central role again as Indy’s son but this will be a blockbuster made in the old fashioned way rather than the CGI efforts of the last movie,” the source added.

The series ended brilliantly with Last Crusade, and that abortion of a film which I like to call The Temple of the Swinging Shia, ruined everything that was cool, beautiful, and well scripted about the 3rd installment. I, frankly, for one second do not believe Lucas can be attached to anything without CG, and if he does it will be kicking and screaming. I support this movie if and only if it is for the redemption of the franchise…And that will only work if they DO in fact go back to their roots and have a killer script attached. But I’m saying it here first, the Bermuda Triangle is well worn territory and maybe they should stick to Nazi’s. I don’t care how well worn that territory is, but a good ol’ fashioned Nazi enemy will definitely bring them back to their “Roots”. (via filmdrunk)

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