Due out this winter, Telltale Games is currently developing a series of episodic video games based off the popular Jurassic Park and Back to the Future movie franchises. Whoa, this is heavy.

Though, Telltale Games may be name you are not familiar with, you have probably played or at least heard of some of their more famous games. The game developer founded in 2004, which consists of a group of former LucasArts employees have produced games based on Wallace & Gromit, Homestar Runner and Tales of Monkey Island.

The games are currently in early stages of development so the game play and style is unclear but, it’s assumed the games will not deviate from the standard point-n’-click adventures, for which the company is known for.

Point and click, huh? Well, this BTTF quote fairly sums up my response. “You mean you have to use your hands?” “That’s like a baby’s toy?”

CEO of Telltale Dan Connors tells Associated Press the games “would tell new stories extending the “Back to the Future and ‘Jurassic Park” lore. He goes on to say “I wouldn’t call these games sequels per se but a new interpretation of their worlds for a new medium. For one generation, it’s an introduction to these series. For another generation, it’s a thing they can look back on and something they can share warmly with their family and friends.”

All and all, I personally intrigued. They sound fun.

source: kotaku

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