Batman-3-batman-8082771-826-1224 copy(Note: Though it should be obvious, this poster is fake)

It seems all the superhero news, as of late, ends with a question mark. It”s rumor this and rumor that. But, being every bit of it is possible news, it’s shit we need to cover. So, the latest, unofficial, superhero shop talk is in regards to Christopher Nolan‘s third Batman movie. Word on the street is that the film will start production in 2011. This comes from an off handed comment by LA Times Hero Complex blogger, Geof Boucher who mentions that he’ll be interviewing Nolan this weekend, and plans to ask him about Batman 3, “which starts shooting in March”. It’s kinda hard to take this seriously being that the script is still being written but , with the planned release day of July 20th, 2012 this does sound valid enough.

Now, since we are talking about Batman gossip we should also make mention to a rumor regarding the supposed main villain of the 3rd film. Hollywood Life, claims that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been tapped to play the Riddler. They say the 500 Days of Summer star is Nolans first pick to play the villainous puzzle master. Gordon has been the top reccomendation on many fan sites for the role. Sort of a joke really but apparently Chris Nolan likes him as an actor and there are talks of Gordon being on the short list (list of actors approached for a role). In a few days we expect someone to approach Levitt about this and he’s bound to say the ole’ “I haven’t heard anything” routine. So, as with any rumor take this with a grain of salt.

Hehe, how great would be if the rest of the cast of 3rd Rock From The Sun starred in the 3rd Batman film? Actually, now that I think about it, French Stewart would make a fine Riddler… haha.

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