I’m a D&D purist. I start off every D&D post that way. 19 years and counting, I’ve never stopped playing. For a long while (18 years) it was a dirty, little in the closet secret that my closest friends didn’t even know, friends that were in my life for decades. It was a shame, that I no longer feel. I think it’s because, girls come and go, family members live and die, age stretches like shadows, but the game is always there if you want it to be. A chance to step out of your sore, tired, stressed body and into an able body, rich, hero who is celebrated when he enters his haven city.

So for the layman, Dungeon’s and Dragons stayed one way for 30 years, the style you played in was complex for a few games but for anyone who is into it enough would break through the learning curve and the rules were learned quickly. In the early 2000’s they released a mass assault of new material as well as changing ALL the rules. From dice rolling, to character classes, to well.. EVERYTHING. It turned off even the die hard players and people who never gave it up, although some of the new books like Arms and Equipment have some amazing things available. So what i did, was take some of the best ideas from the new system and integrate it into the old style. Very innovative.

Well. D&D is changing again. They have invented a new quick style for gamers who have lost time, what with life, kids, homes, jobs and well anything cumbersome. They are calling it “Encounters” , it is like speed chess is to regular chess. Every Wednesday night, for those of you who don’t have time for a 3 hour, 4 hour or even marathon 6 hour game session, you can join a game that is built for speed.

“We wanted to try and create experiences to fit in their current time frames. It is also an opportunity to learn the new rules system.”

“Encounters” has premade characters and a premade adventure provided to the game’s referee and storyteller, the Dungeon Master. Maps, tokens, game pieces and player aids, such as bonus cards, are all included.

The adventure is spread out over 12 weeks, but it only takes about two hours to play each week’s encounter. Mark Nolan, a Dungeon Master for the “Encounters” game at Ravens Nest store in Marietta, Georgia, said the new version is simple and timely.

“It is very easy to DM. They give you everything,” Nolan said. “This is really good for people to drop in and play.”

They make it so that “Encounters” can be one adventure a week. A brilliant idea for a good DM, but for long winded players? Hmm? Good question. They still use the new rules and classes of the 3rd and weirder 4th edition, so old players who want to start up may need to adapt.

I think this is an exceptionally cool idea and hope that it works out well. Go to the site to find a group near your zip code to join in and get back into that damn game! (Via CNN)

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