Sony’s PS3 3D Gaming Campaign Starts Today


We can thank Hollywood for this one because of them whoring the hell out of 3D movies, we now get the whoring of 3D gaming. Sony has just announced pre-sales for their 3D Bravia HDTVs are now available and they are throwing in games with the mix. Sony is throwing in 3 games and a demo for anyone buying one of their 3D capable Bravias so that people can get a taste of these 3D enabled games as soon as they can. The games are PAIN, WipEout HD, and Super Stardust HD and the demo is for MotorStorm Pacific Rift. I can tell ya this, both WipEout and Super Stardust are fun and beautiful games and playing them in 3D may be quite the experience.

Sony also went on to say that some Playstation Move titles will also have 3D capabitlites, in which, The Fight: Lights Out is the only Move title that is confirmed to do 3D for now. Also, some fans may have seen a clip of Modern Warfare 2 being in 3D for a PS4 ad, well, Sony has come out to say that those clips (the PS4 ads) are fake but it still doesn’t rule out that maybe MW2 will get a 3D update.

With the 3D Bravias coming out later this month and a firmware update for the PS3 to do 3D movies (the April firmware update was for 3D gaming) later this year, Sony is moving full speed ahead with the 3D bandwagon.

Source: Playstation Blog, Destructoid, Destructoid 2

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