It’s Happened…A Real Life Lightsaber


My pants are having trouble containing the imaginary boner I have. Oh. My. God. The geniuses at  Wicked Lasers have crafted the closest thing to a real lightsaber we have ever seen.For this beauty, better known as the Spyder III Pro Arctic how much would you expect to pay? $1,000?… 1,000,000?…YOUR FIRST BORN?!?!?!? The crazy bastards behind this beast are charging TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for it. THAT’S IT! 200 bucks. Hang out after the jump for all the info and a direct link to purchase……

Let’s all get one. Before you rush off to buy this monster we should warn you that not only can  it permanently blind you it can also set anything including skin on fire almost instantly. It’s made from the blue-laser diode of a dismantled Casio projector. Who’da thunk it?  Comparing the Pro Artic to the $2000 Sonar, (the company’s current bad ma’ama jamma) Wicked Lasers explains that the oh so sexy “Blue Spyder  is 2000 times brighter to the human eye, and, at $200, 1/10th the price”. “With great power comes greater responsibility” Say the guys at Wicked Lasers. They aren’t  shitting you either while this thing is a Nerds wet dream it is most definitely NOT a toy. However I need one. NOW!  For the record when you order this bad boy they throw in a free pair of safety goggles which is nice, but won’t help with that whole setting yourself on fire thing.

500x_arctic_-_projector-001-01SourceBuy this bitch here!

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