If you are unaware by now, Disney World is relaunching the Star Wars ride Star Tours with a new 3D version in 2011. They’ve been planning to relaunch the aging attraction for some time now. The new ride will be similar in concept to the original but will feature a whole new experience with modern technology. StarWars.com confirms that the new attraction “will take voyagers — for the first time ever — to Coruscant, as well as other destinations in the Star Wars galaxy.”’

Click after to see a new concept image for the ride, as well as a previously released picture and video.

Personal commentary, The ride has stayed the same since 1986 and  I think it does need a modern update. But, not this. Though, I knew it was coming, I was hoping that the new experience would leave absent, the Star Wars prequels. Much like the prequels this ride misinterprets what made the original Star Wars great.

source: slashfilm




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