Microsoft kicked off the press conference of the Big Three and they started off with a bang last night with their Cirque du Soleil event, it’s now time to see if they will end with one as well (*Hint hint, I think they did). Check after the jump for some videos and news on what was revealed.

*Note: I will try to add videos to each game when they are available to post.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch, the makers of COD: World at War, revealed this trailer and also had a hands-on demo showing some sweet helicopter action. Also, Microsoft revealed that they formed a deal with Activision that all future COD DLC will be available on the 360 first. The deal starts this year and is goes on till 2012.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Hideo Kojima and Shigeru Matsuyama came out and talked about how this game is about Zandatsu – “Cut and Take.” I don’t know about you but I’m damn well excited to cut some watermelons.

Gears of War 3

Cliff Bleszinski came out with his crew and did a live demo of some Lamert killing action. Once again, it’s bigger, badder, and more bad ass. Cliff also hinted a new game mode, Beast but shared no details.

Fable 3

Peter Molyneux came out to introduce a new trailer that revealed the release date for Fable 3. That date, is October 26th and remember, this game will also have some Kinect gameplay.

Codename Kingodom

Microsoft Game Studios announced a new partnership with Crytek, the folks that brought us Crysis and FarCry. Not much else was revealed about what kind of game it will be.

Halo: Reach

They talked about how the beta had the most people ever in the history of console gaming. Bungie released a video from the campaign and it still looks like some good old Halo action, that is, until they showed some space combat which looked awesome.

Xbox Live – Kinect

Kinect has voice recognition for more of a hands free interface with your 360 console in which their slogan is “If you see it, say it.” By saying Xbox (insert command), you can go to the Zune Marketplace to watch movies or listen to music. With Kinect, gamers can also do video chat with VideoKinect, which works with Kinect users and also with Windows 7 user. With VideoKinect, people in the chat can watch videos or read news together.

Xbox Live – ESPN

Microsoft formed a deal with ESPN so that gamers can stream live sport games, from the past and present,  play with sports trivia, get a live sports ticker, and more. Once again, this will also have voice recognition with Kinect and will be free for the Gold Subscribers.


Microsoft demo this Kinect game with a young girl playing with her “pet” tiger. With over 40 animals, gamers can play fetch, hide and seek, and many other activities. Pretty much aim for the kids.

Kinect Sports

Yes, the Wii Sports of Kinect. Gamers can run through hurdles, play volley ball in sand, and bowl with friends. Soccer and Ping Pong is playable as well.

Kinect Joyride

Joyride is the arcade kart racing gaming where in order to use turbo, the gamer has to do a quick hip thrust (giggty?). By doing certain body motions, you can do stunts  with your kart.

Kinect Adventures

Adventures is a collection of mini games that gamers can play with their friends. The games they show were a mine cart-esque game and a water rafting game. The point of the game is that it wants to take a picture of you when you have to do something outrageous (similar to how your picture is taken during a roller coaster ride). The picture can be uploaded to your FaceBook account for your friends to see.

Kinect: Your Shape

Ubisoft’s Wii Fit-esque game that seems to target more for the hardcore fitness nut. From combat training, to Tai Chi, to jump roping and jogging (in one spot), it’s a virtual gym for gamers to try out.

Kinect: Dance Central

From the folks that brought us Rock Band, it looks like Harmonix wants to train you for your upcoming America’s Best Dance Crew tryout. Dance Central really does seem to want gamers how to dance with music ranging from Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B.

Kinect Star Wars Game

Although this game won’t be available till next year, gamers will be able to pretend that they have Jedi powers by doing certain body motions (or so it seems since it was just a video and not a live demo). All I can say though, when Darth Vader showed up and the lightsabers connect, I got goosebumps.

Kinect Forza

It seems like hardcore racing fans will have their Kinect racing game that will be available next year. The game will be developed by the same folks that brought us the Forza franchise.

“Slim” 360

They revealed the new 360 which seriously look like a fat Wii. This new, quieter, 250 GB harddrive 360 that also has built-in wi-fi can be yours for $299.99 and it is shipping THIS WEEK. Also, Kinect will be available in the U.S. on November 4th with 15 titles available.

*Update: GameStop has revealed that the Kinect may be $149.99 upon its release.

Source: Joystiq Xbox, Joystiq Xbox E3 Keynote

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