Guess Who Monday!!! He’s Gonna Fly Now!


Can you Guess who this is? No, not Gay Dracula or The Wig King of Spain, no, this badass is the prodigal son OF!??? Whom?….. Would you be his friend even after you find out who he is, or would you veto him out just so he wouldn’t drain you of your blood through your cock because you have mistook him for Gay Dracula?


Not the big guy! The little one, Sage Stallone from Rocky 5, probably the worst Rocky of them all!! But what a head of Affleck hair that kid had in the 90’s. He may not have done very little in the way films, mostly small time or independent but he started up his own Los Angeles based company, dedicated to the restoration and preservation of quality exploitation feature films. Like Quentin Tarantino tried re-imagining in Grindhouse much to the chagrin of all critics and movie reviewers. But fun little fact, Stallone lent his trademark Grindhouse Releasing [us] feature presentation logo before the opening credits of Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Grindhouse. Which is cool because thats a fact I didn’t know, as well as the fact that he turned down reprising his role in Rocky Balboa in 2006, which is funny because he had other obligations that we NEVER WILL HEAR ABOUT.

Plus now he looks like a Gay Dracula and Stallone probably encouraged him to focus on, ya know, Gay Creepy Dracula stuff!

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