My Little Pony Gets A Nerdy Makeover


Growing up I loved My Little Ponies. So. Much. Eventually, sadly I outgrew their pink hair, big doe eyes, and cute bum tattoos. However thanks to the world of Nerd Mods I just might be able to rekindle my childhood love. An event was held recently at Portland Sequential Art Gallery called ‘OMG PWN!ES!’. The show featured several one of a kind pwnies from your favorite Nerdery- Star Trek, Tron, Watchmen, and Princess Mononoke (just to name a few) by cartoonists and industry pros like Erika Moen, Lucy Knisley, Terri Nelson, and Cat Farris. This even was co-created by Kaebel Hashitani and Indigo Kelleigh. Hang out after the jump for some of our favorites! (including my favorite Cthulu pwny!oh! and Little Manhattan!!) Leave us a reply in the comments section and see if you can name those pwnies!

apocalypse-ponycthulu-ponycheshire-pony) tron-ponytentacle-ponysteampunk-ponystar-trek-ponysaturn-ponymononoke-ponymononoke-ponydr-manhattan-ponySource

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