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Sometimes, something on the Internet comes along that just makes you so unbelievably entertained, that you cannot help but share it with the world.

‘LOST’, which ended its six year run just a few weeks ago, planted itself firmly into the science fiction realm with its discussions of time-travel and parallel universes. Therefore, it is only natural that someone would combine Lost with Star Wars, arguably one of the greatest examples of sci-fi storytelling.

But, the unique thing is, this mash-up is actually pretty good!

In the style of mash-ups, the creator took the climactic battle from one, the fight between Jack and ‘Locke’ in the series finale, and digitally altered it into a battle that makes the Star Wars prequels jealous. There are lightsabers flying about, force lightning, TIE fighters, and even the Death Star and Slave 1 makes appearances.

It is by no means perfect: the crawl at the beginning makes no sense, and the very end is silly, but the good far outweighs the bad. And you have to give the guy credit, as it is certainly one of the best mash-ups I’ve seen.

Also, keep your eye out for the line Kate says, as it is the funniest part in the entire video.

Check it out below, and enjoy!

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