With E3 officially starting today, will Nintendo reveal anything big as they have people waking up early for their press conference. Will we see the 3DS or some sort of Wii HD to make gamers happy? Let’s just hope they don’t have another Wii Vitality Sensor moment and have another dumb add-on that only works for two games. Of course, they can make it all up with a new Zelda. Check after the jump to see what was revealed and announced.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Nintendo started off right by revealing a new Zelda title and it looks beautiful. It has an awesome and serious cartoon look to it (it doesn’t have the Wind Waker look). The game is all about sword and shield game play, in which the Wii Motion Plus will help provide the 1:1 motion for it to be playable. They had the Nintendo God himself, Shigeru Miyamoto, do a live demo of the game. The game will be released next year.

Mario Sports Mix

Once again, Mario will be whoring himself out in sports game but this time, it’s 4 sports in 1. The four sports are Volleyball, Hockey, Dodge Ball, and Basketball. Once again, another 2011 release.

Wii Party

Over 70 mini games for you and your friends can play with. Aiming for a holiday release this year.

Just Dance 2

The game that had many people dancing and looking like a fool. Alcohol helps make this game better. Another 2010 holiday release.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

This DS game was announced last year and finally we get some footage. The story of the game takes place after the first Golden Sun and is once again, another holiday release.

GoldenEye 007

Ah, another game that brought hours of fun back in the day is being remade exclusively for the Wii. Hopefully they bring back the magic that the N64 version had as gamers can get their hands on this game this holiday season. Side note: Kind of neat to see Daniel Craig as the Bond model for this game.

Disney’s Epic Mickey

The platforming and side-scrolling looks solid in this upcoming Disney game. The paint/thinner mechanics is interesting and knowing that there are multiple endings will be plus to play the game over and over again. The game is set for a September 16th, 2010 release.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Say what you want, but this trailer and knowing that Kirby is back brings a big smile to my face. The game looks awesome with its own unique way and just like how Paper Mario made an impact, this game should do the same. Kirby’s first Wii game will be available this fall.

Dragon Quest 9

While some of you may recognize this as Dragon Warrior and the art style of Dragon Ball’s Akira Toriyama, one of Japan’s BIGGEST DS game is finally coming over to the states. With over 140 hours of game play, gamers can get their RPG fill on the DS. DQIX will be available July 11.

Metroid: Other M

What originally had a release date of this month, got delayed till August 31st. This Nintendo/Team Ninja (Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden) mashup of Metroid keeps looking better as videos comes out.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

DK and Diddy is back in what is a throw back to the old Donkey Kong Country games from the SNES. Everyone is back in the jungle this holiday season.

Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo finally revealed the 3DS and the word going around is that its not a gimmick. The thing actually works and does 3D without the glasses (they were bashing the glasses during the press conference). It has two cameras up front so that it can do 3D photos and they indicated that gamers may be able to watch 3D movies, like How To Train Your Dragon, with it. Also, they showed the trailer of the first 3DS game, which was…

Kid Icarus: Uprising

After so many years, we finally get another Kid Icarus and its specifically for the 3DS. The graphics looks awesome for a handheld and the game play seems fun.

List of future Nintendo 3DS Games:
Nintendogs + cats
Kingdom Hearts
Ridge Racer
Resident Evil
Saints Row
Final Fantasy
Chocobo Racing 3D
DJ Hero
Assassin’s Creed
Metal Gear Solid
Street Fighter IV
Dead or Alive
Ninja Gaiden
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle

Nintendo made a HUGE impact this year. They really focused everything for the longtime and hardcore gamers and best of all, no stupid fitness game or useless add on. Unfortunately, we get no announcement of the pricing and release date for the 3DS.

Source: Joystiq’s Nintendo Keynote Live Blog

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