With Microsoft giving away free slim 360’s and Nintendo having an amazing conference, can Sony end it all with an impact. Will we see the PSP2 or something new. What games shall we see? Click the jump button to see what was revealed.

Killzone 3

Sony started off talking about 3D gaming and how they will lead the industry with it. They went on to demonstrate it with Killzone 3, which is set to release February, 2011. The Jetpack game play looks awesome. After the live demo of the 4th stage, they went to explain how Killzone 3 will also have Move support and that other games (current & future) will support either 3D, Move, or both.


We got some pricing info on the Move and they are: Move controllers will $50, the Navigation controller will b $30. Move/PS3 Eye/Game bundle will be $100. All Move titles will be $40 (Unlike 360’s Kinect will be $60). Also, there will be a PS3+Move bundle for $399.99. Move will be available September 19.


A title that was made for Move, you play as a young apprentice that uses magic to deal with goblins and such. Unlike Nintendo games from pass, this truly does seem to be 1:1 motion.

Heroes on the Move

Another Move title that let’s you play characters from 3 of Sony’s franchises.

Kevin Butler

To be honest, the Sony conference was kind of lacking from the start but thanks to this man, Kevin Butler, got the crowd and I as well, pumped. Sure he may be an actor but this man has become the voice of PS3 commercials. Plus, this was WAYS better than what Jamie Kennedy did couple years ago.


With the PSP Camera (I guess it’s finally coming to the states), gamers can play this neat little game that is obviously trying to be the Pokemon of PSP.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Chain of Olympus was an awesome, action packed game for the PSP, in which they had to release a firmware update just so the handheld can handle its epicness. While the trailer doesn’t show much, fans of the series knows that they are in for a treat once more.

Little Big Planet 2

Little Big Planet let PS3 gamers create side-scrolling platform levels to play and share. This time, LBP 2, is letting gamers do more. From Space Invaders like game to a fighting game, Media Molecule is adding a lot to the sequel.

Playstation Plus


Sony revealed an online premium service where gamers can get extra bonuses, which are: exclusive DLC, early access to demos and betas, free PSN games and Mini titles, cross-game party chat, auto patching feature that will detect any games you have and automatically download and install for you. Also, gamers will have access to Qore. The subscription rates are $5o for a year or $18 for three months.

PS3 Exclusive Bonus

The following four games have exclusive bonuses for PS3 gamers:

– Medal of Honor: The PS3 version will have a limited edition version that will include an HD remake of Medal of Honor: Frontline.
-Dead Space 2: The PS3 version will have a limited edition version that will include a Move-enabled  version Dead Space: Extraction.
-Mafia II:  will have exclusive, day 1 DLC content.
-Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood: will have an exclusive single player level as well as a multiplayer beta.

Portal 2

Uhm, did hell freeze over? Most PS3 fans knows how Gabe Newell feels about Sony and the PS3 so this was a surprise, especially the moment when GLaDOS’ voice came on. Not only will PS3 will get Portal 2 when it comes out for PC/Mac/360, but it also seems that PS3 version will have Steam Cloud support to it. That means the PS3 version will get update and (possibly free) DLC the same time the PC/Mac version gets (something Microsoft does not let Valve do for some reason).

Final Fantasy XIV

Just a trailer to the PS3 console exclusive of the next Final Fantasy game, which will be a MMORPG, just like FFXI.

Gran Turismo 5

After many years and delay, we finally get a set release date, which is November 2nd, 2010. The game will also support 3D upon its release.


Looks like Cole is back with a new look, a new power, and in a new city. Set for a 2011 release date.

Twisted Metal

After years of waiting, we finally see Twisted Metal on the PS3. With most of the original key creators and David Jaffe himself, returning to make this game, there is no doubt they will be providing another solid game.

That’s it for the Sony conference and while it started off slow, there were some few surprises. Now, who wants to buy all this for a poor college student named Thomas Landry.

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