Live-Action Blue Beetle Series Coming To WB?


Well folks, it looks like Smallville may not be the end of the DC Universe on television!

Rumors have persisted that another franchise would take the leap to the small screen once Smallville ends its run on TV next season, and it appears that the answer is not one viewers were expecting – Blue Beetle.

DC comics writer Geoff Johns first let the news break on his Twitter account that the first test of the transformation into Blue Beetle was done, and that he was very impressed by it. On the official DC Comics blog, known as The Source, Johns said that they’ve been hoping to bring him to television for a long time.

I feel very fortunate to have been a part of Blue Beetle’s introduction way back in INFINITE CRISIS. I’ve said it before, but thanks to the BLUE BEETLE series launched by Keith Giffen and John Rogers with a great design by Cully Hamner, Jaime Reyes rocks. Great character, great story, great look. He’s already appeared in animation, had action figures and right now he’s on my computer in live-action glory. I have an early special effects test that has been floating around of what his armored scarab-suit could look like. This isn’t final. This isn’t greenlit. It’s only a test that was done.

And that wasn’t all the news either!

Johns also said that he will be bringing that footage to San Diego Comic-Con and playing it to get everyone interested.

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Blue Beetle

(source: DC Universe’s Blog – The Source)

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