Rock Band 3 Brings in REAL Guitar


Rock Band 3 ups the mother fucking ante with the introduction of a REAL WORKING FULLY FUNCTIONAL GUITAR.The Squire Stratocaster Pro controller can be plugged into in  an amp crank it to 11 while simultaneously rocking the game on your TV. For someone who is musically retarded (such as myself) this could turn out to be a great learning tool. Hell at least we’d be learning a skill other than hand eye coordination (which is important, but come on). Now when someone asks “Why do you have carpel tunnel syndrome at 13? You can so, no it isn’t chronic masturbation(lies) or video games, I was learning to play the guitar (sorta).  Stick around after the jump for a gigantic gallery full of sexy shots of this beast and a video of it in action.

Guitar Hero, You had a good run, perhaps it’s time to bow out gracefully. Unless you want to introduce a keytar, then we’re all yours.  Check out the Video Here

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