The TaunTaun Sleeping Bag Experience


Oh what a splendid day! Summer is here and so is camping, and with camping comes tents and sleeping bags. So how can you get a Nerdbastard out of the house and into the woods away from his computer, Warcraft, Xbox, and well everything else a Nerdbastard keeps himself out of the sunlight with??

You go to and click this WHOLE link. Because Thinkgeek has something thats comforting for you. Yes, the elusive Star Wars TaunTaun Sleeping Bag. Originally an April Fool’s joke that got such a high demand for it’s invention they got it made. Much to the happiness and bane of the geeks out there, with no real release date and an insane wait based on the creation.

Recently getting my hands on the major product, its a slick throwback to the saga which honors it with it’s innovativeness as well as sheer, thick, quality. You lay it out and the arms and legs are external as well as the tail, and when you use the lightsabre zipper to slice it down open and hop in, the warm innards are soft and the design pattern is the guts of the poor slashed creature! Crawl inside, “It may smell, but it’ll keep you warm” Han Solo would say, and lay your head down on the TaunTaun’s built in pillow head!

I HATE camping, but now I want to go, just to use my sleeping bag. This may be a revolution in geek camping…whereas there is no such thing and Thinkgeek may be pioneering it..Now if only they could create WIFI that connects to pine trees.


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