Yoostar, the game I’ve been waiting for! Just shown at E3, like Guitar Hero putting you behind the Strat, Yoostar lets you reenact awesome movie scenes. When they are saved, they go to Facebook, Youtube and other places you want to embarrass yourself.

Demonstrating this awesome form of movie karaoke (in the video below) is the great, Leonard Nimoy. Who acts out a scene from The Terminator. Though, as great an actor as he is, he was NOT born to say “I’ll be back”.

Regardless, E3 shows you how its done, and we wait with baited breath. There is no street date available yet, but it will be released for the PS3 and Xbox360. It will support the use of ‘Kinect’ (previously known as project Natal) for the 360 version and ‘Move’ for the PS version. I for one, will be getting my hands on this. (via io9)

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