Rock Out With Your Spock Out

redAlertCover_02Take the garage band experience, add some Star Trek, some sex, and some more sex, and you have the ingredients for Warp 11, A Star Trek band from Sacramento, California.

And this isn’t like a bunch of nerds translating “Surfin’ Bird” into Klingon. (“GhajtaH Qoyta’ toQ. toQ toQ toQ, toQ ‘oH mu’. yImev SoH Sov toQ? SovtaH vetlh toQ ‘oH mu’!”) These are funny, mildly dirty songs involving Star Trek.

Check out just a sampling of song titles:

“Replicate My Love”
“Baby Take Me to Your Nuclear Wessel”
“They Put Creatures in Our Bodies”
“Suck My Spock”
“Boldly Go Down on Me”

Ah, but how does it sound? Well, try this on for size:

You’re welcome.

(via io9)

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