Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgård) in True Blood

Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgård) in True Blood

I’m back from watching the newest episode of True Blood entitled “Beautifully Broken,” which took all the storylines established last week and moved them into some very interesting places.

First off, the beginning sequence with Bill ripping off a werewolf’s ear was bloody brilliant. Not only that, we got to see that werewolves are seemingly no match for a freshly fed Bill Compton. However, I would bet that the werewolves we’ve seen so far are by no means the most powerful or intelligent. Maybe they grow more powerful with age, like vampires?

Speaking of vampires, we were introduced to the 3,000 year old Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington (played by Dennis O’Hare).It seems that he sent the werewolves after Bill to ask for his help to marry Queen Sophie-Anne and merge their two kingdom’s together. Suffice to say, Bill was not amused.

Especially when Lorena, Bill’s maker, stepped into the picture. I’m sure I was not the only one who thought that Lorena cannot possibly be dead – as there is just far too much bad blood between them (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Another interesting thing that I noticed was that Bill’s room used to be occupied by Elizabeth Bathory, a woman who killed virgin women and bathed in their blood to stay young. She actually existed in the late 1500’s, is believed to have killed hundreds of women, and in doing so, became an important ingredient in the development of the modern vampire legend.

Jessica continued to be worried about the dead body in her house, even turning to Pam for some of her unique brand of Yoda-like wisdom on how to feed but not kill a human. This lead to an intriguing development with the reveal of a vampire snooping around Bill’s house and apparently removing the body. Not only that, the thief found a folder containing a family tree of Sookie with both her name and her grandfather’s name, Earl Stackhouse, circled. I’m more intrigued by this than the thieving vampire’s sudden interest in Tera at Merlotte’s.

The Tera storyline continued to bore me, even learning that her aunt (Lafayette’s mom) is not dead, but in an assisted living facility cared for by a male nurse named Jesus. I may be wrong, but I think he could be a potential love interest for Lafayette.

Sam’s story dragged on a bit as we met his family, and learned that they gave him up to try to give him a normal life, and we know how well that turned out. Also, his new brother was quite unhappy, and may have tried to get him run over by a truck.

And then we get Eric, who knew more about “Project Werwolf” then he initially said.

As it turns out, in 1945, he and Godric were hunting them disguised as members of the Nazi Shield Squadron, also known as the SS. Eric said that these werewolves are different than normal; as they’re highly trained and organized, have no rules, and are driven by vampire blood. Sound like the werewolves who kidnapped Bill, right?

Lastly, I’m going to pick my favorite line from every episode from now on, as there are always a few memorable ones in every episode. This week’s winner wasn’t as easy to choose like last week’s, “Conscience off. Dick on!”

The top three lines are:
3) Jason, after learning werewolves exist, asking if that meant Bigfoot and Santa were real as well
2) Sookie doing her best impression of Bill saying her name
1) Terri’s story about being a nurturer because he found a wounded baby armadillo, nursed it back to health, and it now sleeps under his bed and is named Felix.

I give “Beautifully Broken,” seven and a half pints of blood out of ten.

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