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Hello ladies, gentleman, bastards and gamers of all ages. Boy, have we got a wonderful announcement for you.

Nerdbastards is here to inform of a very special, must attend, event. This Sunday, June 27th at the Showcase Live in Foxboro MA GameUnderground presents a video game and music festival the likes you’ve never seen.

GameUnderground Video Game & Music Festival is set to be the biggest and best music festival to ever hit the East Coast. An all day event featuring over $2000 in cash prizes in tournaments for: Super Street Fighter 4, Super Smash Bros. (Melee and Brawl), Tekken 6, Rock Band and more. With musical performances by: POWERGLOVE, Brental Floss, Metalliham (New Englands BEST Metallica Tribute Band), and Jesus Candy.

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The all ages show is to take place at the renowned Showcase Live. A state of the art entertainment venue located at Patriot Place next to Gillette Stadium (that’s where the Patriots play…duh!) in Foxboro MA. It Features 3 HUGE Projector screens for the main events, food and bar (for those over 21)

Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 9.55.10 PM(Showcase Live Stage and Dining Area)

Tickets for this glorious event are a mere $20.00. We say mere because $20 is such a small price to pay for gamer heaven. Music, games and booze. Along with a community of people just like you. That’s some priceless shit right there! Tickets can be purchased on ticketmaster. Well there is plenty left, this event is selling out fast. You’d best order now or lose your chance to take your place in gamer history.

Doors open at 11:00am and you’ll be shut in till Midnight (Note: I’m sure the will let you out if you need to leave but why would you want to?). Players must arrive and sign in by 11:30 am with their Tournament Organizer. Gamers are only allowed to enter 1 major advertised tournament. There are concert tickets available if you do not wish to enter a tournament. Concert will begin at 7pm after tournaments are completed. Gamer will still be able to play games while the bands are performing (gaming in front of a live kick-ass band, how cool is that?)

I dunno if it’s obvious or not but we are sure as hell excited about this event. The music, the games, the venue, a chance to win some money? Oh, how it tickles our nerdy bits in ways never thought possible. We sure as shit will be in attendance and hope to see you there. Will be floating around, drinking, playing some games and hitting on girls we don’t stand a chance with. Should you bump into one of use feel free to tell us how awesome you think nerdbastards is. Will give a free nerdbastards sticker in return.

Here’s a Who’s Who rundown of the players participating and responsible for GameUnderground Video Game & Music Festival:

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GameUnderground: The very best independent video game store in the north east. Located in Framingham, MA GameUnderground is more than a new and used video game store. GameUnderground is a haven for all gamers in New England and beyond. Upon entrance to GameUnderground you will quickly realize the beyond the classic games, new cutting edge games, birthday parties, tournaments and more, is a community of people just like you. Gamers for the sake of gaming. Where friendly competition is always welcomed and encouraged. Once you set foot withing the walls of GameUnderground, you will never want to return to the national game chains again.

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Showcase Live: Showcase Live, a world-class, live entertainment venue is designed to offer the finest in music, comedy, corporate events, children’s theater and other special programming.


POWERGLOVE:Powerglove is video game metal band that chugs out blisteringly brutal renditions of your favorite video game tunes. From Sonic to Final Fantasy IV, from 8-bit to MIDI, no catchy gaming song is left un-metalized.

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Brental Floss: A youtube sensation. A maestro of music-based video game humor.

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Metalliham: New Englands BEST Metallica Tribute Band

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