Seth Rogen in Costume as The Green Hornet

green-hornet-official-2Sony has released the first two official photos from The Green Hornet, and in one, you can see what Seth Rogen and Jay Chou look like in their heroing duds. And it has some ‘splodey stuff!

Now if you’re wondering, “Who the hell is the Green Hornet?” chances are you aren’t alone. Despite having been around longer than Superman, he just hasn’t stayed as visible as the Man of Steel. The Green Hornet appeared first on a radio show and ran there for many years, with various shots at film serials and TV shows over the years, in addition to a bunch of comic book series.

Britt Reid is the newspaper publisher who is secretly the Green Hornet. He is assisted by Kato (no, not that one), and they tool around town in their pimped-out ride, The Black Beauty, thwarting evildoers and the like.

green-hornet-official-1Most people my age know the character from the guest shot on the 60s Batman TV show that served as a pilot for the Green Hornet series. Van Williams was the Green Hornet, and some guy named Bruce Lee played Kato. Yes, that one.

Honestly, I was surprised when they announced they were making a movie, but I’ll probably end up checking it out. Since I’m not particularly attached to the character, it won’t drive me nuts if they tweak things around.

The film hits theaters in 3D and IMAX 3D on January 14, 2011.

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