Bruce Campbell’s Soup: Mm-Mm Groovy


The folks at SciFiWire have come up with a pretty groovy way to celebrate the birthday of one Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, pretty much anything really cool): soup labels.

Ma-huh? Yes, you heard right. You can download your own life-size (er, can-size) PDF, print it out, and adorn the four cans of Campbell’s Soup that have been hiding in your pantry since the Reagan administration with kickass labels.

If you’re too lazy to download it to find out, the flavors are: Cream of Darkness, Bisque o’ County Jr., Autolycus Cheese, and Gumbo Ho-Tep.

So download away (after the jump), and serve up some soup in honor of 52 years of the coolest guy in sci-fi and horror films.



Category: Nerd Culture