Live Action Akira Movie To Be PG-13


“TETSUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” was my reaction when I found out that Warner Bros. wants Akira to be a PG-13 film. In a recent interview, Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli, Menace II Society) revealed that while a R rated Akira film would have been obvious, WB told the Hughes Brothers that it has to be PG-13. While it may be a challenge, it seems that both Hughes brothers are up for the challenge to deliver us a faithful adaptation that will entertain both, long time fans and possible new fans to the franchise. While I understand why WB wants it to be PG-13 (it’s all about the money), I would still want a R rated Akira film because it would be proper that way and most fans would probably agree that it should as well.

Another thing that was mentioned during the interview was that Albert, unlike his brother Allen, commented that he may not return for the sequel if Akira ends up being a two part film. I don’t know about you guys, but when I first heard that the Hughes brothers was going to direct Akira, it gave me hope and now hearing this news, well, let’s just say I’ll be screaming for Tetsuo some more.

What do ya’ll think? Would a PG-13 Akira film work or will it just become a kiddie version of what was suppose to be a violent and action filled film? Also, does the news of a sequel that may not be directed by the Hughes brothers affect how you feel about the film? Tell us what ya think.

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