In case you all forgot, the best James Bond ever and by far coolest old man with an accent, Sean Connery has been retired from acting. He gave up on on acting after a having horrendous experience on the set of the 2003 comic book movie “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen“. Having major spats with the director, Connery basically said “I’m too old for this shit” and hung up his thespian days for good.

To end a career on such a shitty movie seemed like an awful way to bow out for the legendary actor, but being in his late 70’s he can do whatever the hell he wants (maybe fuck a prom queen?).

Many suspected that he would step out of retirement and return as Indiana Jones dad in the long awaited fourth installment of Indiana Jones (Kingdom of Labeouf and The Swinging Monkeys). George Lucas even had Connery written in the script and assumed, based of their working relationship and Connery’s love of the character, he would do  the fans a solid and scream “Jr.” one last time. Despite constant nagging from Lucas, Connery refused the role (he obviously read the script). Long story short, George Lucas had to write him out of the movie.

While we all respect Sean Connery’s desire to stay retired (can’t believe he had the balls to say no to Lucas) we have all hoped he would come out and lend his Scottish accent and old man swagger for a film here or there (the world can only endure so many Connery impressions, we need the real thing).

Sigh. I guess beggars can’t be choosers because he has indeed come out of retirement. For what? A Scottish animated adventure. That’s what.

He has lent his voice for “Sir Billi“. Some crap animated movie about a skateboarding grandpa and his goat (voiced by Alan Cumming, so that’s a plus).

Really Connery? Your so adamant about never working in the movie business again and you go and do this bullshit? An old guy and his goat? What, did you lose a bet or something? Sigh. Again your old, you can do whatever you want, you’ve earned it. But can you just do us fans one favor and end your career/life with something epic? Like “Sean Connery, Dressed as James Bond, Fucks A Prom Queen, While Highlander Plays In the Background”. That be nice.

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